Thoughts between the notes

This is a space for curiosity and conversation around music, art, and the role they play in our lives.

Being an Entrepreneurial Musician

Entrepreneurialism is the willingness to take risks in order to pursue a completely novel idea or a fresh spin on an idea that came before.  One can build on another’s efforts and still be considered an entrepreneur provided the element of risk-versus-reward is present, that ‘special sauce’ which drives all entrepreneurs to dare to pursue…

Why should adults take music lessons?

The answer lies in asking better questions, like: what is worth spending our time doing, and why does good live music matter?  In order to turn away from passive consumption, we must strive for active engagement with the world. Doing things that fascinate us – rather than watching others do them – is an inherently…

What is your music ecosystem?

What is a healthy music ecosystem? In the natural world, ecosystems are composed of animals and plants living in a given area, how they inhabit that area, and how their presence or absence defines that ecosystem’s health. In a healthy ecosystem, all organisms from plants to animals are in harmonious balance and alignment. By using…

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